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    May 11, 2009


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    Rae Abileah

    Thank you See Jane Do for joining us for Mother's Day! Your energy, listening, enthusiasm, and creativity added so much! Love your pink website too!
    Cheers to sisterhood and women's leadership and voices!

    miko unclesam

    i thank all the code pink mothers and code pink supporters who are not mothers who gathered to honor mothers' day in the true spirit of this noble holiday. may peace prevail on the earth!

    Sharon Hess

    I think it's wonderful that the code pink ladies highlight our universal desire for peace. The roses and beautiful quilt accentuate the desires of every mother's heart, that her family can enjoy living in a free country without war. I am dissapointed that one of the women got herself arrested at the arms exhibit, however. This is an old ploy that was used in the 1960's at anti-Vietnam demonstrations, to extract attention and sympathy. This woman sent the message, "peace...but on my terms..." with little regard to the military that put on that display, and that protects our nation. It undermined all of the great things that Code Pink has represented.

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