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Elisa Parker, co-founder, producer & host of See Jane Do


See Jane Do

See Jane Do is a multimedia program capturing the stories of everyday women doing extraordinary things for the planet.

As the hosts we are mothers who are on a quest to discover and incorporate sustainable solutions that are created by and/or implemented by women. We put the tips to the test and explore what’s really doable for everyday women. What are the triumphs? What are the challenges to living an eco-friendly life? Most important, what are the incredible stories behind the women that are actually doing their part to make a difference?

The mission of See Jane Do is to:

•Share the stories of everyday women in order to encourage, inform and inspire positive change.

•Showcase women doing their part for the planet.

•Document our own experience. If we can’t do it why should we expect other women to?

•Connect women across the nation by bridging traditional media (i.e. radio) with new media (i.e. web 2.0, online streaming, podcasts, social networking, webisodes, webinars, blogs and vlogs).

•Engage everyday women through a media platform that demonstrates action and inter-action.

•Inspire and motivate women to take action.

•Entertain our audience with a unique and upbeat program.

See Jane Do Team:

Elisa Parker

Is the co-founder, producer and host of See Jane Do. Elisa reports for KVMR and has produced and hosted various radio and television programs that inform, engage and entertain the listener. As a professional speaker, host and facilitator Elisa captures the magic of the story in each of us. Her talents in presentation and creativity enable her to go beyond the norm. Elisa also holds years of experience in working with cutting edge organizations in order to reach their highest potential and unleash the talents of their team leaders and staff. In addition, she has organized and managed high profile conferences for ICLEI bringing elected officials together to discuss environmental solutions and managed an event team for conferences in San Francisco ranging from 200-40,000 attendees. She holds a BA in Communications and a MA in Organizational Development. Elisa lives in the Sierra Foothills with her husband and two daughters.

Jesse Locks

Communications Director and reporter, Jesse Locks has worked in independent music and publishing worlds for over 10 years, most notably as Director of Advertising and Marketing for the trailblazing and critically acclaimed Arthur Magazine and its attendant website.

She is also an independent marketing and brand consultant and worked with clients such as Drill Team Media, Tylenol, Toyota, Lionsgate, the Nevada City Film Festival and the Nevada County Chamber of Commerce.

She is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz in Journalism and is a published freelance journalist and blogger. With her deep experience in implementing marketing campaigns that emphasize the use of social networking, new media and viral marketing.

Sharon Sobotta

See Jane Do correspondent, Sharon K. Sobotta is a journalist, a dancer, an educator and a world traveler. She began traveling the world at the age of 17, after receiving a scholarship from a soy sauce company that allowed her to leave Wisconsin and go to Japan, and she never looked back.

Sharon takes pride in traveling the world as a non-tourist and can most often be found volunteering, interviewing people, spending time in off-the-beaten path places that locals frequent and, increasingly, at the weddings of her commitment-prone friends. When she is not traveling and interviewing people, Sharon splits her time between directing the Women's Resource Center at Saint Mary's College of California, writing for a number of publications and reporting for Pacifica radio news.

Sharon believes that everyone has a story worth sharing, and her mission is to give voice to people from every walk of life. From the everyday struggles that men and women experience with relationships and love, to the societal impact of xenophobia, Islamophobia, racism and sexism, there is no issue Sharon is unwilling to take on as a journalist.